Next Generation 4 Supply-Chain
Strengthening the professional profile of young people who are willing to work in the supply chain market

Our ultimate goal is to broaden the career guidance given to young people.

“NextGen4SC” (Next Generation for Supply-Chain)  project aims to strengthen the professional profile of young people willing to work in the supply chain sector, supporting them by providing tools & methods (like open education & innovative digital practices) to help them to develop high-quality skills & competencies, promoting this way the quality youth work.

Youth unemployment is not just a national or a European problem but also a global problem without an easy solution.

This project has been developed aiming to strengthen the professional profile of young people who are willing to work in the supply chain market. Accordingly to their skills, they will succeed to develop specific high-quality skills and competences through formal or non-formal training/ learning activities.

We are creating a winning background for youth working in the supply chain/logistics sector, supporting them and empowering their involvement and competitiveness to the job sector, facilitating their preparation as the next generation of the supply Chain staff, to win the employment bet.

Background about Youth Unemployment

Major disadvantage in European economy, is Youth unemployment,as amongst EU-28, 3.5 million young people are unemployed (March 18, Eurostat data: 1st place for Greece: 43,2% , 3rd place for Italy with 31,9% & 5th places for Cyprus with 22,4%), regardless the fact that most young people are highly educated(average). According to the EC Staff Working Document {COM(2018) 269 final} for the new EU-Youth Strategy, young people from Southern & Eastern Europe encounter multiple threats to their educational, economic & social development, increasing the need for direct reaction. The lack of workplace experience & the related skills & competences constitute factors contributing to the “skills gap” in the EU, as has been referred by the EC.

As “Eurofound “(the European Research Agency) has found, the high youth unemployment is due to a combination of:

Lack of work

There is low demand for young workers due to low economic growth or contraction.

Lack of skills

Issues arise regarding the quality of the labor supply because young job seekers’ skills are insufficient or do not match employers’ requirements.

Lack of coordination


  • Provide high-quality skills to young people and prepare them to apply for quality youth work.
  • Facilitate the creation of new start- ups with young leaders which will deal with the main logistic sector’ issues.
  • Give the opportunity to establish real-work based environments for youth, starting from the studies period to first job experience.
  • Facilitate the cooperation between Member states to achieve better opportunities through education & training
  • Open education and innovative practices in a digital area
  • Improve the job-matching procedure within Youth and Business in Europe
  • Decrease unemployment among Youth
  • Introduce a new training approach on supply-chain, based on geographical & socio-economical characteristics


Participating Organisations



Center of strategies for youth development, Romania

Active Youth Association, Lithuania

Rezos Brands S.A. , Greece